THNK is a multi-layered educational program.  THNK is a book club, study group and thnk tank focusing on revolutionary activism. Topics revolve around grounding our organized approach to restoring order to the planet via healing, art, and educational institution building.

THNK is to explore intelligent responses to and replacements for the current global imperialist system and it's life-blood: colonial capitalism, that is imposed on the masses of people in occupied territories around the world.

Our approach includes, but is not limited to, cultural, political and economic analysis – with the intention of implementing solutions.

Vision: Like all Tehuti Ma'at programs, THNK is connected to a cooperative venture to ultimately fund and sustain the revolutionary work. We plan to expand THNK into a virtual resource as well as in-person gatherings in 7 major cities across the country and then internationally with the launch of our Podcast/Radio channel and “Black Point of View” publication. We will publish books and produce other literary materials such as bookmarks, e-books, and audio books.


THNK Study Group

Blueprint for Black Power

by Dr. Amos N. Wilson

The book will be covered chapter by chapter. PDF files of the first 5 chapters of the book are available. We encourage you to purchase the book from a local black-owned bookstore, if available.



  1. What Is Power
  2. Bases of Power: Organization and Ethnic Resources
  3. Social and Cultural Origins of Power
  4. Consciousness and Power
  5. Self-Concept and Power
  6. Power and Personality
  7. Class, Race and Power in America
  8. The Power Processes of the Ruling Class
  9. The Policy-Formation Process
  10. The Candidate-Selection Process
  11. Ideology and Legitimization of Dominance
  12. September 21— The Economic Order and Power
  13. September 28 — The Financial-Corporate Elite: The New World Government
  14. October 26 — Ch. 14 Race and Economics
  15. November 2 — Ch. 15 Afrika Agonistes
  16. November 9 — Ch. 16 Investing In and Trading With Afrikan Nations
  17. November 16 — Ch. 17 Empowerment Through Wealth
  18. November 23 — Ch. 18 Benevolent Fronts Assault Local and Global Afrikan Markets
  19. November 30 — Ch. 19 The Paucity of Black Wealth
  20. December 7 — Ch. 20 The Myth of the Market Economy and Black Power
  21. December 14 — Ch. 21 Nation-within-A-Nation
  22. December 21 — Ch. 22 Demographic Foundations of an Afrikan American Nation-win in-A-Nation
  23. December 28 — Ch. 23 The Black Church: Key to Black Economic Empowerment?
  24. January 4 — Ch. 24 The Black Consumer and the Economics of Afrocentrism
  25. January 11 — Ch. 25 The Relationship of White-owned Banks to the Black Community
  26. January 18 — Ch. 26 Black-owned Banks: Creators of Wealth
  27. January 25 — Ch. 27 Financing Black Economic Development
  28. February 1 — Ch. 28 Rotating Create Associations: The Prime Importance of Saving
  29. February 8— Ch. 29 The Investment Club
  30. February 15 — Ch. 30 Franchises, Cooperatives, Corportations and Collective Capitalism
  31. February 22— Ch. 31 The Crisis of Leadership

Video of Dr. Amos N. Wilson