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We believe holistic healing must be the foundation for successful organization. As warriors we are healers and it is our responsibility to first heal ourselves.
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As a cooperative organization we emphasize production as a critical component of true sovereignty. Our goal is establishing innovative co-op economies in each focus area.
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Our approach is interactive, practical and empowering. Applied knowledge is POWER and this begins with knowledge of self and collective responsibility.
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22 Mar
Until Further Notice
Tehuti Ma'at Community Farm & Garden closed to non-members
Public Gardens Temporarily


Until further notice access must be limited to garden members only

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Coins & Cowries

Our healing bar is a marketplace selling handcrafted small-batch organics herbal and aromatic products, authentic Afrikan textiles and crystals.
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Tehuti Ma'at Academy

Online institution for spiritual ascension, activating you into your POWER + PURPOSE through multidimensional healing, creativity and education.
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Hightops and Heels

Creative communications agency serving as a platform to unite the contemporary African diaspora with a counter-current to the mainstream corporate media.
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Help expand our community garden into a cooperative farm & market

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