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THNK Book Club

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THNK is a monthly study group and book club focusing on revolutionary activism. Topics revolve around grounding our organized approach to restoring balance to the planet, in particular an intelligent response to global racism “white supremacy”. This includes but is not limited to culture, politics, education and economics – with the intention of implementing solutions. We are dedicating 2018 to foundational revolutionary books by people of African ascent.

MAY + JUNE - The Ankh: African Origin of Electromagnetism by Nur Ankh Amen

Vision: We plan to expand THNK into 7 major cities across the country and then internationally with the launch of our Podcast channel and “Black Point of View” publication. We will publish books and produce other literary materials such as bookmarks, e-books, and audio books.



Event venues: $500

Refreshments: $200

Bookmarks & Flyers: $200

Lights for garden: $100

Books: $400

Stipends for contributors: $800

Studio engineering for podcasts: $300

Web hosting & maintenance: $100

Audio equipment & software: $400

Total: $3000