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What We’re About

Creating Spaces for Healing, Creativity & Education Since 2014
Our mission is to bring empowering knowledge and skills to people of African ascent, in order to co-create the hope and unity that will complete the current African world revolution. Tehuti Ma'at serves as a resource mechanism to foster political, social, and economic empowerment through awareness, healing, unification, and activation. Our focus areas are HEALING, ART and EDUCATION.

Our vision is to develop cooperative businesses that employ a network of committed and skilled revolutionary educators, teaching artists, organizers and activists to manage and facilitate our various programs internationally, as well as the implementation of initiatives, and establishment of institutions that are in alignment with our mission.

Why We’re Doing It

Despite countless efforts to thwart violence, intergenerational poverty, hunger, malnutrition, and other significant problems, these issues remain among the top concerns for those of us of African ascent world wide. Addressing the true cause of this reality remains critical because most programs are bandaids that do not address the root of the devastating reality the masses of us experience. The root is the system of global colonialism imposed on the planet, and without replacing this system the aforementioned issues will persist.

Knowledge of oneself and history, self love, political education, unity, and economic empowerment are only a few of the ways to holistically develop the power to restore our collective spirit and create an alternative system. We need unification and community development to support and build on holistic solutions that will impact future generations. By replacing the system we can also truly eliminate its side effects of chronic diseases, mental health issues and death because of these unacknowledged health epidemics, among others.

How We’re Doing It

Our cooperative has a leadership training model for members within the same focus areas of HEALING, CREATIVITY and EDUCATION. The members of Tehuti Ma’at will have opportunities for financial compensation via stipends, future paid staff positions, and freelance opportunities in order to administer and facilitate our programs. Members are required to participate in educational programing and take on an active role in at least one focus area of the organization.

The HEALING committee involves all holistic healing projects and programs including, but not limited to, health and wellness, emotional and mental health, sexual abuse and trauma.

Entrepreneurial component – Farms, Cooperative Food Markets, International Agricultural Cooperative

Longterm Cooperative Goals – Holistic Health Centers, Spas

The CREATIVITY committee will involve all art projects and programs including, but not limited to, visual arts, music, dance, poetry, theater, martial arts and digital media.

Entrepreneurial component – Hightops and Heels: Creative Multimedia Communications Agency

Longterm Cooperative Goals – Expansion into production and publishing.

The EDUCATION committee will involve all educational projects and programs including, but not limited to, educational materials, workshops, courses and skills training.

Entrepreneurial Component –  Tehuti Ma’at Academy online institution, THNK Radio, B.P.O.V Newspaper

Longterm Cooperative Goals – After school programs, Child Care Centers, Independent Educational Institutions

11 Pillars of Tehuti Ma'at

We Are Spiritual Warriors

Many before us paved the way by laying the foundation we build on. Spiritual Warriorship is part of our foundation. It is a living breathing philosophy and growing network that many self-initiated people charged with the spirit of Love, Light, Leadership, Power and Freedom are co-creating. Tehuti Ma'at is connecting all Afrakans called to bring forth HEALING , LIBERATION, RESTORATION, ELEVATION and EXPANSION to this planet as a continuation of revolution. Afrakan's are the first people and original stewards of the planet, and it is our responsibility to bring about it's resurrection.

1. Ma'at

Universal Truth, Cosmic Symmetry, Balance, Justice and Reciprocity is the intention and guide of our lives. We honor wholeness and complementary energy.

2. NaTuRe

Nature is the key to spiritual freedom. We are RAturning to our natural systems and using original nature as a model, standard, and connecting point.

3. Healing

We know that healing our relationship to the natural spirit and divinity within each of us is of foundational importance.

4. Ancestors

Our ancestors speak and we listen. We stand on the shoulders of giants thus we make ancestral remembrance priority in our lives. Our warrior ancestors guide us to liberation.

5. Afraka

Afraka is right NOW! Not to exploit but to support an international economy where the resources of the continent are managed and held sacred by Afrakan wisdom keepers.

6. Sovereignty

We are self-determined. We determine our own destiny and how our energy is distributed. We have sole authority IN ourselves and our collective narrative.

7. Unity

We are one with all things and one another. We are uniting the diaspora of original wisdom indigenous to Afraka, to become one force regardless of where we are or where we were born.

8. Production

We are purposefully producing in order to become active participants in the global economy. We must build an alternative economy of our own food, clothing, shelter, and security.

9. Power

We own our power to think analytically, choose, and direct our energy. We have the ability to determine our own reality and access to resources by leveraging economic power.

10. Freedom

We will govern ourselves by creating innovative alternative systems and institutions that don't kill, control and destroy us.

11. Revolution

We will fight for it! We are warriors standing ready for battle to win this war for generations to come. "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will." - Frederick Douglass, 1857

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We need more artists, educators, activators and healers to make our vision a reality. We are stronger together.

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