Organic Food for the People

Organic Food for the People

Raised: $1,228.50Goal: $11,110.00
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The Project

We're entering the fifth year of the Organic Food for the People urban farm program. Directly in the heart of the Brookyln, our goal is to provide access to organic produce and herbs to people who don't have access to affordable organic food. With the money we raise we will be able to continue on our course to transforming Tehuti Ma'at Community Garden into a thriving urban farm growing healing foods, including medicinal herbs. The money will go directly to purchasing the supplies and equipment necessary for ethical building and growing, including solar power, water conservation, irrigation and filtration systems.

Our team of volunteers have spent four years cleaning and rehabilitating this dilapidated garden and working to develop a community of artists and activists through dynamic programing. Our RAWorkshops and open-mics have provided educational resources and hands-on skills training on topics such as holistic healing, food justice, health and nutrition. The programing is a significant piece to this project because it shows participants the importance of this work, allows them to be heard, develop skills and actively participate in the Organic Food for the People program.

The Steps

April 2020:
Starting & Sewing Seeds
Garden Maintenance
Relaunch Fundraising Effort

May 2020:
Purchase Soil
Garden Beautification
Finish Stone Pathways

June 2020:
Finalize Green House
Finish Ankh Herb Garden
Grow Your Own Food RAWorkshop

July 2020:
Set-up Drip Irrigation System
Set-up Rain Water Conservation
Transition Your Kitchen RAWorkshop

August 2020:
Race & Food Justice RAWorkshop

September 2020:
Build Apothecary House for Drying Herbs
ROOTS Ancestral Medicine RAWorkshop

October 2020:
Final Harvest
Prepare Garden for Winter
Live-it vs Die-it RAWorkshop

- Winter Maintenance -

April 2021:
Prepping Garden for Planting

May 2021:
Set-up Solar Panels

The Budget

40 cubic yards of soil - $1200
Compost and organic fertilizer - $1460
Seeds and plants - $1100
Facilitator Stipends - $1000
Farming tools - $500
Farming Equipment - $1000
Supplies for water purification system - $500
Supplies for rain water conservation $500
Supplies for drip irrigation - $300
Lumber for building - $800
Ecopaint - $350*
Bird Bath - $150
Maintenance - $300
Trellising system - $350
Outreach materials - $300
Workshop materials - $400
Documentation (photo & video) stipend - $200
Food for workshops - $700


Why We're Doing It

We founded this organization to provide educational resources to inner city neighborhoods. We began this Organic Food for the People community garden program as a tangible step toward racial, economic, environmental and social justice. We see this work as a holistic solution to the violence and health issues plaguing the neighborhood, including diabetes and obesity. Tehuti Maat Garden is located in a food desert right in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. This historical neighborhood known as Weeksville was one of the first affluent black communities in America. This opportunity to grow food and learn about nutrition, develop healthy eating habits, and hands-on farming and cooking skills, addresses the economic and health issues we face here. It is also a method of community organizing, empowerment and beautification.

This effort grew from the desire expressed by people at our community discussions to be able to provide basic day to day needs within the community. This is a movement for self-determination and food sovereignty. Through this community farm project, artists, activists and healers are coming together to grow and harvest organic foods in the garden, as well as provide a host of resources to holistically address the needs of people in the neighborhood.

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