Tamika Albertini

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Tamika Albertini

Founder & Instructor of Fruiggie™ Ancient Organic Crafts Studio.

As a Jill of all trades with a passion for children, wellness and art, I began extensive research to find an eco-friendly children’s art studio in New York City (NYC), which provided non-toxic and eco-friendly art supplies. Not coming across any located in NYC or in the U.S., I created what is now known to be the very first ‘Ancient Organic Crafts Studio!’ Pretty awesome I must say. Having previously worked in various art studios across NYC and while teaching sewing and arts & crafts classes to both children and adults, 2013 is when I finally decided that it was time to build my own company, Fruiggie ©, and become its ‘Organic Arts & Crafts Instructor.’ This provided the medium for my creative background and training in art, fashion design and interior decorating to fully flourish. I was now able to share my experiences and expertise through my creative curriculums by way of Fruiggie ©.

It is my observation that too many communities lack art activities that cater to all children, especially those children with special needs and allergen concerns. Everyday our children are exposed to a toxic environment as well as toxic products, causing long term ailments, developmental disabilities and allergies. According to the US Census Bureau, statistics show that of the 53.9 million school-aged children (aged 5-17) in the U.S, about 2.8 million (5.2 percent) were reported to have a disability in 2010. In 2013, among children ages 3 to 17, nearly 14 percent has a developmental disability. This is a great concern of mine! What will it take for these beautiful young people to be in an inclusive healthy learning environment I thought??

Creating a safe and worry free space where ‘ALL’ children are welcomed to engage in play together became my purpose in life and my answer. Play is important for a child’s development and allows children to learn to communicate emotions, to think, be creative and enhance problem solving skills, while also helping your child learn social skills, refine motor skills and build cognition of thought. Children shouldn’t be excluded from creative self-expression due to a special need or allergy, and so Fruiggie © provides a safe and educational environment for playtime while using natural non-toxic items such as leaves, twigs, fruits, veggies, plant based paint and play dough as the artistic tools. What’s more is that the kiddos can ‘eat’ their tools after they create with them and become healthier because of it! So kool!

On a subconscious level, this allows for children to connect the dots between ancient art-creativity, being environmentally aware of what they use and health conscious of what they eat. They are creating with natural items that they can eat as a healthy snack. That’s being in-tuned with nature! This is a ‘new’ way of learning and play, yet the old and ancient way of how indigenous cultures connected with their environment. Let’s bring these natural ways back around for the betterment of our environment, our health, and our creativity by starting with our children leading the way. I am excited that Fruiggie © is making this a reality. Please join me. Let’s paint, let’s play!

Love & Light,