Garden Celebration

2018 Summer Solstice

Holistic Mental Health

Learn and share ways to PROTECT YOUR CROWN.

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, having the most hours of sunlight due to the Earth’s rotational axis being the most slanted toward the sun during this time.

Our offerings include…

Marketplace of all-natural products (12-8pm):

  • Coins & Cowries Healing Bar (crystals, herbs, textiles)
  • Earthly Jewelry (handmade by father-daughter team)
  • SHEaHEALS (healing body products infused with herbs)
  • Made with Love Oils (premium hair and body products)
  • Crown Lights Candles (handmade small batch candles)
  • Chef Don (delicious vegan bites)

Protect Your Crown Agenda:

  • Fruit Spreads by AmenRa (while supplies last)
  • Guide to Holistic Mental Healing 12pm
  • Divination Readings 1-4pm (fee for service)
  • Crown Yoga with Mia 3pm (bring your own mat)
  • Dance Presentation by Tunu the Artist Mommy 5pm
  • Blood Pressure Screenings 5-8pm
  • Headwrapping Workshop 6-8pm (TICKETS required & include crystal + head wrap)

This gathering is an iN2iT Healing Cypher – this is a movement of healers. Monthly gatherings focused on healing iNternally with a focus on the Afrakan (black) collective spirit.

intuit |inˈt(y)o͞o-it|
verb [ with obj. ]
innerstand or work out by instinct: I intuited my true identity.


IN2IT is an action. We will challenge you 2 go INside to initiate a multidimensional expansion into an activated way of LIFE. Our ancient ancestors activated their lives by adhering to the universal laws of Ma’at (cosmic harmony, truth, justice, reciprocity, and balance).

As we enter into 2018 which is a numerological 11 or 2 year IN2IT – travel through the WOMB, our in2itive center to Ma’at. Explore the other divine forces of NaTuRe that influence your life directly and INdirectly.